Tuesday, March 24, 2009


So. Apparently, I am a "bad blogger". In the past few days I have been informed, by friends and family, that I "suck" as a blogger. Many apologies. I fear, though, that I have nothing to say and so, I say nothing. It's not that I don't want to record my every action here on this very public space (actually, it is that I don't want to record my every action here...but only partially), it's that my day to day existence is excruciatingly boring. However, because I like to respond appropriately when I have been reprimanded, I will now treat you to a detailed account of my most recent activities. For the past month. Do please remember that you asked for it.
In the past month:
1. Went to work. A lot.
2. Wished I wasn't at work. A lot.
3. Explained to my boss, for the 1000th time, that, yes, is absolutely necessary that the lectures we produce be historically accurate.
4. Went to New Jersey.
5. Sat in Newark Airport for 4.5 hours.
6. Met a bird that lived in the airport. Met his little friend. Named the bird: Moe. Named the friend: Harriet. I have no idea if the names are gender appropriate. I am adding "Looking up from my book, whilst sitting at gate C-121 in Newark New Jersey, only to see 2 little birds hopping around my feet" to my list of somewhat disturbing bird encounters.
7. Was invited to the AP reading again. WOOHOO.
8. Realized I may not be able to go to the AP Reading. Sad.
9. Began looking for a full time, classroom based teaching job.
10. Heard that 700 or so teachers are going to be laid off after this school year.
11. Suspended the search for a full time teaching job until further notice.
12. Made contact with an old friend (I am still planning to call Emily! I am just slow!)
13. Went to church.
14. Wrestled with Primary children.
15. Wondered what, in the name of all that is holy and good, the Bishop was thinking when he called me to the Primary Presidency.
16. Felt really bad, on multiple occassions, for really, really struggling with being in the Primary Presidency.
17. Read a bunch of books.
18. Did not, despite good intentions, finish the quilt that is sitting in my living room. In the quilt frame. For 4.5 months.
19. Faciliated 3 online courses.
20. Started facilitating 4 more online courses.
21. Joined a gym.
22. Started getting up at 4:30 to attend the aforementioned gym.
23. Isaac bought a roadbike.
24. Went biking.
25. Got really, really sunburned while biking. Stupid Arizona.
25. Completed saving for a new car. (Today!)
26. Watched the news and felt really grateful for the decision to live debt-free.
27. Found an incredible sewing/quilting/embroidery machine and hated the decision to live debt-free.
28. Decided to save for the aforementioned sewing machine. Even if it takes a year.
29. Discovered, painfully, that I am quite allergic to macadamia nuts.
30. Isaac settled on a final project
31. Isaac is working like a crazy person to finish the final project.
32. Isaac pretty much rocks GIS and website design. (this isn't only true of the last month; it's always true. But, it needed to be said. In case anyone forgot, or something)
33. I think this about covers it.
34. But, 32 is an odd number to stop on.
35. So, I added three lines to make it 35.

There. Penance complete. Let this be a lesson to you, should you ever wish I blogged more.