Thursday, October 27, 2011

Now We Are 1...


I've been meaning to post pictures for the past week, but better late than never!  We had a great little family party with cake and presents and lots of playing with new toys. Yay for birthdays!

Monday, October 3, 2011

An Unfortunate Milestone

Levi. He is very nearly 1 whole year old (insert lamentation about how quickly time passes here...). To this point we have celebrated all the usual milestones: smiling, first teeth, eating solid foods, cruising about etc...So far, we've welcomed each and every development (and let's be honest, every single near-development) with excitment and more than a little praise (You very nearly pulled yourself up all by yourself! GREAT JOB!). However, today we had a milestone that I wasn't too keen to celebrate.  See, Levi likes to chew on stuff. Pretty much anything will do and usually this isn't a big deal but sometimes, he'll chomp down on something he really, really shouldn't chew on. Today, it was the electrical cord for a lamp. So, I went over there and pulled him away saying, as usual, "No, no, no". Usually, when I stop him from doing something he wants to do he'll protest, loudly even, but then move on to do something else. Today however, he yelled (as he usually does), looked right at my face then leaned over and bit me. Hard.
It was 100% clear that 1. He was really annoyed and 2. He chose to express his annoyance by biting. Not. Cool.  Alas, I think we have hit another milestone: Acting out. On purpose. With intention. and I am none too pleased about this development. Hopefully, he gets over this need to express annoyance by biting pretty darn quick, because yelling I can handle. Crying, no problem. Physical violence, however, is a 1 way ticket to eternal timeout...and he's too young to be grounded for life.