Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The New Job

Actual conversation with Erin's Co-Worker/Trainer at the New Job:

Erin: Something is very wrong here. These files don't match up.
Coworker: No, I know it seems weird, but that's how we do things.
Erin: Okay
...2 somewhat frustrating HOURS later...
Coworker: OH! You're right! That's the wrong file! I must have given you the wrong one! How'd that happen?! No wonder it wasn't working earlier!

I had to leave. That's right. I left. I had to. I was going to explode. I felt better after eating McNuggets. McNuggets can fix anything.

Quick Observation

As a geographer and someone who has a "Y" chromosome, I have a bit more spatial and overall observation skills than usual. If you don't believe me, read some of the studies on spatial observation-apparently men and geographers are especially gifted in this area. Before I get to far, I should explain why I was thinking about this.
Erin got a new toy this past week; a wireless router. Now, she can sit on the couch and "do stuff for work". This is the female code phrase for look at blogs (my previous post will help new readers to begin to understand my philosophy on the blog). Anyway, as Erin was "working" I was pondering on the blogging world again-mostly because Wipe Out was over and there was nothing else on.
This is what I observed: People have set-up millions of blogs so their loved ones and friends can easily see what is going on in their lives. My interesting observation was that many people write a blog entry, then people call the people who read the blog to find out if their friends and family saw what was on the blog. Question: Why do you have the blog if you are just going to call people to see if they saw what was on the blog? This seems counter intuitive to me. So there.
Well, don't forget to tell all your friends about this blog. The more the merrier. Yes, I am begging for more visitors.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Why Is Blogging So Fun

I have watched Erin type away every night and looking at other "blogs" like people standing in line reading the magazine covers hoping that the worlds largest cat is really real. Not being much of a fan of reading or typing I can't understand the point of blogging. Then has I have hacked my way into this blog thing I have read for the first time what I have been up to for the past few months. It is interesting to read about your life through someone else's eyes. Recently I have heard that people get paid to do this. So, since I do have a few energy efficient light bulbs in my head I thought not a bad idea. Now that you have read this thing I would request that you send me a "donation" for my thoughts that is if you want to hear more. By the way I still don't get the fascination with blogging. For people like me it physically hurts to type and I would rather talk than type.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

In-N-Out is OUT

So. Isaac and I are working really hard to not eat out as much. We are big eaters out. Well, let me re-phrase. I am a big eater of resturant food. Isaac just likes food. Anyway, we've been trying not to eat out as much and have been doing really well so we celebrated by... eating out. I know. I know. But nobody is perfect. The road to recovery is full of potholes. At least we have admitted we have a problem. :-)
Anyway-we went out to eat at In-N-Out Burger. Isaac had never been and I went once a really long time ago (remember Maren, Krystal and Morgan? The drive thru in LA? In Maren's parents car?) ANYWAY. I didn't remember if I liked it or not, but I told Isaac it was super popular, so it must be good. So we went. IT WASN'T. That's right. IN-N-OUT Burger STINKS. Well, at least it stinks here. Maybe it's because it is out of its normal habitat. I don't know, but it was NOT GOOD. I was super depressed. Our rare, and getting rarer, eating out event and it wasn't even good. TRAGIC. From now on, when we go out, we are going places I know I like. Then our eating out experience won't be wasted on chalky french fries and rubbery hamburgers.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The New Job

Well, the new job started today. It was ... interesting.
I spent most of the day working through an online training class (very appropriate for a provider of online curriculum). When I wasn't working on the training class, I was doing exactly the same work I did when I was a contract employee for the company. Super fun. Sort of. Not really. I hope that I, at some point, get to do something a little more substantial. We'll see.
On the upside, the people at my job are super nice. It was nice to meet everyone (it's a pretty small office) and the other social studies curriculum specialist even took me to lunch. Over all it was a good day. :-)