Friday, January 14, 2011

A Public Service Announcement

So. You know how dishwasher detergent doesn't have phosphates any more? And, you know how if you live anywhere with even slightly hard water everything comes out of the dishwasher covered in a film of white crap? And, you know how this makes your dishes look and feel dirty, even though they've been through the dishwasher? And the more they go through the dishwasher, the more said white crap builds up? And, you know how the "rinse agent" that's supposed to help does absolutely nothing to resolve the white filmy crap on your dishes problem? And trying to scrup the white filmy crap off your dishes is entirely unsuccessful? And you consider using CLR on your dishes but then decide that that's probably not the best plan since you, you know, eat off those dishes and all? And this whole situation just frustrates you to no end (or maybe that one's just me...)? Well. I have found a solution and as a public service, I am sharing it with you (although I recognize that perhaps you have already figured this out and I am just really,really slow. Maybe everyone already knows this and I just didn't get the memo. Don't tell me. I'm kind of feeling like a genius right now. Don't spoil it.)

The solution?

Diet Coke.

Not. even. kidding. Time for a small-ish chemistry lesson: Diet Coke has phosophoric acid in it. Phosphates are just a salt of phosophoric acid. Which means that, because a lack of phosphates caused this problem in the first place, the phosophoric acid in Diet Coke will get that white crap off your dishes. Visual proof:

See the bowl? See the dull, white, filmy crap? I took that bowl right out of the dishwasher! GROSS.

See the plate? Came out the same dishwasher cycle. It was covered in the same, white, filmy crap. It took a Diet Coke bath and...drum roll it's sparkling, clear and clean. HAPPY DAY.

You're Welcome.

P.S. I used cheap, generic "Diet Cola". It's, like, 75 cents for a 2 liter bottle. I bought 4.

P.P.S. I seriously filled my sink up with it and soaked my dishes.

P.P.P.S. I keep touching my plates and glasses because they finally feel clean. Good thing I wash my hands a lot. I'm doing all my little rubbermaid containers next. I can't wait.

P.P.P.P.S. Make sure it's Diet Cola, otherwise you're going to end up with sparkling, sticky dishes. Which sort of defeats the purpose.