Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dear Manufacturer of the "Permanent" Fabric Dye,

So. Apparently you and I have different definitions of "permanent". You see, for me that means "will not wash off, rub off or otherwise disappear". Except, your "permanent" dye actually did wash out, rub off and disappear. Now, my hands, sink and various kitchen utensils are dyed black-ish blue and I am hoping the non-permanance of your permanent dye extends to materials other than fabric. We'll see.

Also, while we are discussing the new colors of the various objects your dye came in contact with; I was under the impression that there was a rather universal understanding of the color "black". Apparently, I was wrong about that too-since the very thing I tried to dye permanently black today is now actually a lovely shade of violet and consistently bleeding copious amounts of blue-ish black dye which is dying everything it touches-EXCEPT THE FABRIC. Thanks for that. You stink.


Friday, October 16, 2009

An Actual Conversation:

Yesterday, I was working with several students who had failed one of their exams and were preparing for their re-take (at my new job, failure isn't an option-you work until you pass. Whether you want to or not. :-) ).
In the course of this work I had the following conversation:

Me: Hi! I'm glad we are able to touch base before you retake the exam. Do you have any specific areas that you feel you need to focus on?
Student: Well, umm, pretty much all of it. I just didn't remember anything when I took the test.
Me: Okay, well then, let's talk about how you can improve your study habits, so you'll remember more of what you read.
Student: Read?
Me: Yes, so that when you read the textbook you'll be able to remember more of what you learn.
Student: Ummmm....what textbook?

I love being a teacher.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


So. I have a new job. I say that just in case you didn't hear my shout for joy a couple weeks ago when the New Boss called to tell me I had the New Job. I am pretty sure the entire WORLD heard me shouting, but, you know,in case you were in a cave or something I thought I'd make it really clear. I HAVE A NEW JOB and it is the best.job.ever.
In addition to getting to teach again (Yippee!)I work from home (Hurray!) and have pretty fantastic co-workers. I've never actually met either of them (we work from home-home for them is the East Coast)but they seem fantastic over the phone.(Woot!). And, perhaps most significant of all, New Boss, is not, as far as I can tell, crazy (Huzzah!).
All in all it's a pretty freaking awesome job. :-)

You may all be envious now. Or not. Whatever. I have an awesome job. So there.