Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sneaky, Sneaky

Today, Levi had a peanut butter sandwich for dinner. I cut up his sandwich and put it on his little plate for him and walked back into the kitchen to finish the "grown up" dinner preparations. Several minutes later, young Levi brought me his empty plate and proclaimed "DONE!". I am trying to get Levi to eat at regular meal times instead of snacking all day (this is not going well) and so, I was effusive in my praise. "Great job eating your dinner, Levi!", I said. "Thank you for bringing me your plate! What a good helper you are!" I exclaimed. "Maybe we are making progress after all! " I thought. He happily went back to playing and I continued my dinner preparations. Not 5 minutes later, I realized that Levi still had my measuring cups (he really likes to play with them) so I went looking for him and them. I found them. And, a little something I was not expecting. Observe:

Little man had put his sandwich into the measuring cups. Very neatly, I might add. Clearly, we have not made as much progress as I thought. When Isaac arrived and we sat down to finish eating together, we again tried to get Levi to actually eat his sandwich. Again, he proclaimed he was "DONE!" I should have suspected something was up because later, while cleaning up the living room, I found this:

Why, yes,  that is a piece of peanut butter sandwich shoved into the star hole of his shape box. I am not sure if he was hiding it, saving it for later or just wanted to see if it would fit in the hole. In any case, he most certainly didn't eat it. Sigh...