Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Blogging Slacker

I am a blogging slacker. I have many updates. They will have to wait, because I just realized I left my flashdrive at home and I can do no work at school without it. Sigh. I have to go get it now.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Today is Thursday. I say this like you don't know that it is Thursday. The fact that I am sure you know it is Thursday is irrelevant. I just typed that and realized that it sounded like I was talking to a class full of kindergarteners. "Okay, class, today is....THURSDAY!" At which declaration the little ones will cheer and clap. I do no cheer and clap on Thursday. I should, being that it is so very close to Friday, but I don't. I actually have never been much of a cheering or clapping kind of person. I find clapping to be rather abrupt. Arghh... I have gotten entirely sidetracked. The point of starting with the fact that it is now Thursday was to point out that this week is offically five days old and I have not done a single productive thing in any of those five days. I have taken absurdly long naps in the middle of the afternoon, but have accomplished very little. I have stabbed my poor pointer finger on my left hand while trying to rip out a seam in a quilt block, gotten frustrated and have not returned to aforementioned quilt block since Monday. I have (as is now apparent) typed long, rather rambling blog posts. But, have I graded any of the 15 stacks of paper now sitting on my counter? No. Have I entered any of the receipts from our trip to Phoenix into our budget software like I was supposed to do a week ago? No. (This is one of a growing list of tasks, normally done by Isaac, that make me miss him terribly and so I have put off indefinitely.) Have I called the vet to make an appointment for Clancy to get his rabies shot so I can call the dog groomer and make an appointment for him to have a bath? No. I have done nothing. And the biggest problem of all with the 'doing nothing' is that I really don't care. Not enough to do something, at least. I have rather enjoyed being uncharacteristically unproductive. Perhaps I will embrace total laziness as a new 'alternative' lifestyle.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

I am a Loser!

So, earlier I posted about my participation in my school's "Biggest Loser Faculty Challenge." I, after doing nothing for the first 2 weeks, finally got into the whole thing and actually lost 10 pounds. Which, ta da!, was good enough for second place! That's right folks, when push comes to shove (and there is a significant monetary incentive) I can choose not to eat french fries! :-) I am now $100 dollars richer and 10 lbs. lighter. Go me. I may have to beat up our ceramics teacher who lost like 18 pounds, but I think I'll wait until he's not looking and then beat him with sticks. He's still way bigger than me! I am glad that the weather is beginning to cooperate so that I can be outside more-I think this will help the on-going efforts to get back in shape.
In totally unrelated news, Isaac started flying again yesterday and, despite the fact that flying planes is way, way, way different than flying helicopters, had a good time. He didn't get to fly for long, but after next week will be flying for a couple of hours everyday. SO FUN!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Flight School

Before we left for Arizona last week I was very, very worried. Based on our less than stellar experience in New Mexico I was emotionally preparing myself for the worst; a vast desert wasteland, scorched dry by 100 or more degree heat. No green plants to be seen anywhere. Everything covered in a light dusting of grey/brown dirt. Crumbling adobe buildings. Crazy roommates in a horrible apartment. You get the idea. This actually describes parts of New Mexico (anyone ever been to Shiprock?) so you can imagine my growing terror as we drove farther and farther south. Thankfully, Arizona is not any of these things. Well, at least not the part where Isaac is living. There are trees (even orange trees!) and grass (a must for my mental health-thank heavens for stealing water from the Colorado river!). His apartment is in a very nice complex with a pool and a little pond and walking trails and everything. He does have a couple of special roommates, but nothing's perfect! He is, so far, pleased with the program (how much can you really know after only 1 day?) and is excited to start flying again tomorrow! I am so happy that he's able to finally be doing what he loves!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


I did not eat the Skittles.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Skittles versus Granola

I like to eat. It is a curse really. I have never been the type of person who "forgets" to eat. I forget where I put my keys. I do not forget to eat. Ever. Because of my love of food, and the restrictions winter puts on my walking and running, I have recently gained 10 pounds. Not good. Normally I am a healthy size 8. I am now a not-so-healthy size 10. In response to this, I joined the "Biggest Loser" club at work and have made much progress. Today, I even brought very healthy dried fruit and nuts granola to eat for my lunch. I actually really like it. Fruity, nutty goodness! What's not to like? Unfortunately, I also found a bag of Skittles in my desk. Now, I have a dilemma. Do I eat the granola? The Skittles? Both? If I eat both it will probably kill my chances this week for the Biggest Loser title! And, I am totally winning! So, I should really not eat the Skittles. Sadly, I really want to eat the Skittles. I have been very good for a very long time. Do you see my dilemma?! Why have Skittles if you can't eat them? I want to know where the Skittles came from. Are they mystery Skittles? Is there a Skittle fairy in the building? Are they sabotage Skittles? Who knew about my love for the Skittle? This is tragic. Really.