Friday, March 18, 2011

Levi, the...Prodigy?

The Setting: Target
The Cast of Characters: Erin, Levi, Random Woman
The Scene: Erin and Levi are shopping. Levi, as usual, is chatting with anyone and anything who will listen. He's very chatty. Doesn't say much, but likes the sound of his own voice.

Erin: Hey, Little Man, we still need to get you some pants!
Levi: AHHHHHHHHHHH, MAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, hysterical laughter, more unintelligable sounds....
Erin and Levi begin walking to the baby clothes as Random Woman walks by.

Random Woman does classic double take.
Random Woman: Did he just say HI to me?! HOW OLD IS HE?!
Erin (Somewhat uncomfortably): Erm....he's 5 months old, but he's not really talking, he just likes to make noise.
Random Woman: No, I'm pretty sure he said HI! (Looks at Erin like Erin should be astounded and thrilled by this news)
Erin (100% sure that Levi did not, in fact, say anything to this woman): Well, that's great, he likes to make new friends...erm...
Random Woman: Wow! That's really young to start talking... (looks expectantly at Erin...perhaps she is expecting cartwheels?)
Erin:  Ermm....well, he's um, he's um, pretty chatty...we'd better go get those pants.
Random Woman (in awe): He said HI to me!
Erin walks away murmuring quietly to Levi: She's what we call a "crazy person", Levi and we try to avoid them if at all possible...

End scene.

I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Miscellaneous Goings-On from the Past 6 weeks: A List

1. Levi is now 4 months old. Apparently this means that he no longer likes to sleep. After about a month of sleeping through the night, he's back to waking up every 2-3 hours. We have super fun 1am, 3am and 5am parties at my house every.single.night. He's also still above 100% in height, weight and headsize. Go champ!

2. Levi also enjoys Veggie Tales and chatting with the ceiling fan. It's really, really funny. He tries to sing along with Veggie Tales and seems to enjoy his conversations with the fan. I'm pretty sure he thinks he's really talking. Hilarious. One of these days I'll get it on video.

2. I have been using the treadmill fairly regularly and eating fruit at an alarming rate. I've gained 12 pounds. Something about that just doesn't seem right. Or fair.

3. Isaac leaves for BCT this month. He had his "final" pre-ship (talking about it that way makes him sound like a FedEx package...) PFT (physical fitness test) today and did disgustingly well. Apparently the treadmill only hates me. Go figure.

4. I'm now, in addition to being on the Compassionate Service committee, teaching the 4th Sunday Relief Society lesson. This will be a grand adventure since Isaac won't be here when I start teaching this month. I'm hoping Mr. Chatty Pants will stay in the Moby wrap while I teach, otherwise I may have to send him to nursury just a little bit ahead of schedule. :-)

5. I really like instantly streaming movies from Netflix, Hulu etc...I never really watch TV anymore. It's 10 kinds of awesome.

6. At his 4 month check-up, Levi (a.k.a. Gigantor-NAME THAT MOVIE!) dazzled the PA with his awesome sitting up skills, but baffled her and the doctor with his unwillingness to roll over. Turns out, he's got a case of torticollis (stiffened muscles in one side of his neck/shoulder) and will be making friends with a physical therapist next week. Sigh... Hopefully fixing the torticollis will help him turn his head and (fingers crossed, people!) then he won't need a little helmet next month. He's built like a linebacker, it's true, but I think he's still a little young to start full-contact football, so we're trying to avoid the helmet.

7. Work is making me a little crazy. Since January, I have been instructed to start and stop and then start again on the same project no less than 3 times. Make up your mind, people! MAKE UP YOUR MIND.

8. Isaac, Levi and I are going on "vacation' next week before he leaves for BCT. It'll be fun! I'm looking forward to the break from work.

9. I finally read the Mistborn series. I know, I'm months and months behind the rest of the universe. It wasn't my favorite. I might have skipped vast chunks of the third book and then it ended exactly as I thought it would. Oh well.

10. I need something new to read. Any suggestions?

That is all. :-) Happy Friday!