Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Questions I Would Liked Answered

For a long time I have had a list of questions I have wanted to ask, so to speed up the process of getting answers to these questions, I thought I would have the world take a shot at answering them.
My first question that is Why do we need hate crime task forces, hate crime laws, or other such things? Has anyone had a crime committed against them by someone who actually liked them. By definition, isnt' all crime a 'hate' crime? Isn't it a little unjust to say some crimes are worse than others? I could be crazy, but to me the phrase hate crime is more of a political catch phrase than anything. Politicians push these type of initiatives to make it look like they are doing something really important for the people when in reality it is redundant work.
This is my first of many questions that I would like answered. More to come in the coming days and weeks.

Monday, October 27, 2008


Fear not-nothing salacious or gossip worthy is found in this post. I just feel led to confess...I HATE television. That's right. HATE it. Which, I realize, is very strong language, but I can't think of any other word to describe how I feel about it.
I haven't always been a television hater. Growing up, I watched what my family watched (usually reading a book at the same time), and I know I enjoyed many of the shows we watched. And,as an adult (and therefore in control of the remote) there have been a few shows I have enjoyed for a time, but, inevitably, each and every one of them became increasingly idiotic the longer it was on TV (I have decided that stupidity is directly proportional to years on the air). And now, I can't stand virtually everything on television. I will admit-I make an exception for PBS because, as many of you know, I very much like Antiques Roadshow. But, that is pretty much it. Really. I could never again turn on the television and still be perfectly happy. In fact, if I have to watch one more inane commercial, one more formulaic "cop" drama or one more disgusting "comedy", I just might go postal and I have only one guarantee: the television will not survive the carnage.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Why Is the American Media So Dumb?

I am grateful that I have classes at night so that I don't have to listen or watch the news or the pointless debates. Don't get me wrong; the political process is important, but here is my point: I am tired of hearing about what either candidate for president will "do" and how they each will magically solve the "economic crisis". Last I checked neither of them, regardless of who wins the election, can make any laws. I believe it was in fourth grade that I learned that there are three branches of government and the president belongs to the one that carries out or executes the laws that Congress legislates. I am sorry people, but neither of the candidates can actually do anything they say they will do. Congress decides what the tax laws are; they decide how much banks can be regulated, and so forth. And, we have all seen how well that has worked out. Thank you, Nancy Pelosi for doing all the great things you promised to do with the Democratic Congress. In reality, last I checked, she has done nothing but investigate baseball steroids. So, I have decided, I will vote for the first person who says, "If Congress passes such and such type legislation this is why I would or would not sign the bill." That would be an intelligent candidate and I wouldn't care what party they belong to because they would be smarter than anyone we have running now.
And, to place blame where it is due; the media are supposed to report on this stuff and, unfortunately, they are the ones "educating" people and doing a very poor job at it. The news can report about each candidate's economic packages all they want but the president doesn't decide that stuff Congress does! And, well, we all know how well Congress works; they've even created loop holes in the "bail out" package to CEO's for being greedy! Congress has allowed CEO's to run their companies and banks into the ground and come out with multiple millions of dollars. Why doesn't anyone report that?

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

If I....

lived in Alaska, or was independently wealthy and therefore had the means to travel at will, I would be in Palmer (Alaska, of course!) tonight. Why? Because tonight is the first ever, (and probably last) Palmer Potato Pageant! That's right. A pageant for potatoes! But, not just any potato can be in this pageant. No, this pageant's for the ugliest potatos you can find! Your average, round, grocery store potato need not apply!

Apparently, 2008 is 'The Year of the Potato' (I wish I knew who decides things like that-I have a couple of suggestions, like "The Year of Giving Erin $1,000,000" or "The Year of Traveling for Free!") and Bill Campbell (an agronomist in Palmer) is celebrating by organizing the Palmer Potato Pageant. I wish I had a really ugly potato and the means to enter it in this pageant, because I really feel that this is one pageant I would really rock.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

What Credit Crisis?

I don't know why everyone thinks there is a credit crisis and the economy is in trouble. You might think I have been in a cave without my wireless internet but I haven't. Citi Bank thinks that we are worthy enough for a $50,000 credit limit. Maybe I am crazy, but if the banks don't have any money why are they wanting to give me $50,000 dollars? So, while everyone is crying and complaining this weekend about how the economy is in ruin, I just might help it out and buy myself a new car with my $50,000 credit limit from Citi Bank. Oh, and did I mention USAA will give us $50,000 as well. They will even deliver the car to us I don't even have to leave my house to buy a car. I think maybe this is why the banks are failing. They are willing to give money to people and not worry about us being able to pay it back.